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Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U Maximum Roster Speculation

I love the Super Smash Bros. series.  It's kind of where I got my name.  It's a serious that's all about Nintendo and it's various video game franchises, getting together and battling it out!  The latest games in the series, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, are going to be released soon, and my excitement can't be contained!  I feel like I'm a bit overdue when it comes to making a post about Super Smash Bros., honestly, so now's as good a time as any to making on about it, since I just made something I wanted to share!

On my own downtime, I've been doing some number crunching with the characters who have been confirmed to be playable for this gam, and possible characters to be confirmed, and I felt like sharing my results.  Hopefully I'll be able to present this in a way that make sense...

Check after the break to see what I've read.  Warning, there is a LOT to read through...  also, some spoilers regarding The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but I'll let you know when that appears.

So, I've tallied up the number of veterans confirmed, from Mario to Sonic, and I got 25 separate characters, i.e. characters that fill up one slot in the roster.  As far as newcomers go, there are 11 newcomers in total, though if you could each Mii Fighter as an individual moveset, you have 13.  This means there are a total of 36 to 38 characters confirmed so far for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U.

Now for characters not confirmed, this is where it gets a little... complicated.  I suppose I'll preface this by saying this part is completely personal preference and pure speculation on who will and who won't return.  Sorry if you feel like some characters should get in or shouldn't, this is just how I went about this.

So, first I went through characters from Brawl who I feel certain will definitely return, including semi-clone characters, since Lucina, a newcomer, is essentially a clone.  For me, this includes Wario, Meta Knight, Lucas, R.O.B., and Wolf.  That's 5 characters, bringing the total up to 41-43.  I also decided to include Mewtwo, due to the massive following he has, and Sakurai himself said he'll consider his inclusion, bringing the total roster up to 42-44.

I neglected to include Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Snake from this line-up, you'll notice.  As unique ans Squirtle and Ivysaur are, I feel like Charizard was popular enough to be his own playable character, while Squirtle and (especially Ivysaur) aren't so much.  As for Snake, I feel like he won't return this time around.  Hideo Kojima, Snake's creator and the guy who personally requested Snake last time, has not heard from Sakurai over Snake's inclusion this time around (though he could very well be lying about this, who knows).  Given that Kojima was directly involved with the Metal Gear elements in Brawl, including designing the Shadow Moses Island stage, I think this is an indicator that he won't be coming back.  ...That being said, for shitz and giggles, I decided to do an off-hand addition and totled the roster up to 45-47.

And just to make things more complicated, I also decided to include the other characters from Melee as their own characters, bringing ANOTHER subjective total roster to 49-51!

...And because I'm a freaking idiot, I completely forgot to include the veterans who were ALSO in the original Nintendo 64 game and Super Smash Bros. Melee, namely Jigglypuff, Ness, Ice Climbers, Falco, Ganondorf, and Mr. Game & Watch, 6 characters in total...

So in case you're confused (as I am), here are the results so far...

Total characters confirmed for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U: 36 (38, separating Mii Fighters)

Characters plus N64 & Melee veterans: 42 (44)

Characters plus most likely Brawl veterans: 47 (49)

Characters plus Mewtwo: 48 (50)

Characters plus Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Snake: 51 (53)

Characters plus other Melee veterans: 55 (57)

You know, what I was going to say here was going to be completely different, before I realized I forgot something so completely obvious..  Originally, my speculative maximum roster number was going to be 50 total characters, and as you can see, the characters I've totaled up easily reach and surpass that number.  Originally, I had totally up 42-44 characters (not including Squirtle, Ivysaur, Snake, and the other Melee veterans), which to me meant we have 8 possible newcomers available.  In retrospect, I suppose I should have known better, given that Sakurai said they were "nearing the bottom" of character trailers they had prepared for this game.  Anyway, given the new information that's come to light (for me, anyway, since I'm a dumbo), and sticking to my 50 character roster number, I decided to speculate who would be left to reveal...  And I've decided, excluding Mewtwo and counting the Mii Fighters as one character, there will be 3 newcomers left to be revealed.

Well, first of all, I think there's definitely going to be a Rhythm Heaven character of some kind.  Since the Gematsu leak turned out to be not as reliable as we initially thought, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's not going to be the "Chorus Men", which I'm honestly glad, because I'd honestly like a less obtuse character to be honest.  Not that I don't think they could make it work, I just feel like, even as far as left-field choices, this feels like too much of a stretch.  Personally, I'd say Marshal from Rhythm Heaven Fever would be a good choice.  He's basically one of the three main characters who helps to teach you about the game, and has a generic enough design that he can account for pretty much any rhythm game the series has to offer.  Perhaps they'll go with someone else, which I think is fine honestly; I'd just like to see a Rhythm Heaven character of some kind now, since I think the idea itself is pretty ingenious and unique.

My second choice is difficult...  On the one hand, I do want to believe that at least part of the Gematsu leak is real, and that Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles will be in the game.  I've barely played it, though I mean to play it more extensively some time.  More importantly, I think it would just be an incredible gesture, having this one game that wasn't even going to be released in America but due to Operation Rainfall, it managed to see gamers overseas, and now they further acknowledge them by making him playable in this game!  I mean, I feel like they've already further acknowledged them with Xenoblade Chronicles X being shown internationally at E3, but still, it would be cool regardless.  That being said, if it turns out Shulk was not in the game, I feel like I'd want Krystal.  I know some people don't want her because they don't like her character (whatever) or because she's something of a "thing" to furries (which is a dumb reason to not include her, by the way), but to me, it feels like she really SHOULD have been in Brawl, since she was one of my most-wanted characters then as well.  Really, why not include her?  She's another female character, she'd have a unique moveset given her staff, which we haven't see before...  Really, I'd honestly be okay if Wolf got cut if we got Krystal instead.  In fact, I honestly hope that actually happens!  ...In which case we'd still be left with another slot available...  Well, I guess I could go with the speculation that the trophy quiz hinted at future characters, and say Ghirahim would be playable, since I really liked him in Skyward Sword as a villain.  I wouldn't say *SPOILERS*Demise, even though he's the TRUE main antagonist of the game, since I feel that whatever moveset he'd have should be what Ganondorf would have.*END OF SPOILERS*  Any of those three would be fine (though I'd mostly prefer Krystal).

And my third choice...  Do I even have to say it?  I don't care what anyone says, Ridley DESERVES to be a playable character, at LEAST since Brawl if not sooner!  He's one of the most important characters in the Metroid universe aside from Samus herself, the Metroids (if they even count as characters), and Mother Brain, who despite being the TRUE leader of the Space Pirates, only appears in, like, half of the games Ridley appeared in, if that, he's an iconic character, more then any other boss or creature from the Metroid series, and quite frankly, Metroid DESERVES another character that ISN'T just another version of Samus!  Don't give me any of that BS about relevance, because even though there hasn't been a Metroid game since 2010, it's clear that there is a MASSIVE demand for new Metroid, if the "Kotaku message to Shigeru Miyamoto" is anything to go by.  Besides, Metroid is just one of those classic Nintendo staples.  Sure, they might not appear as frequently as Mario, Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, or even Kirby, but having been around as long as at least Zelda, and since Nintendo are, in fact, working on new Metroid titles, I'd still attest that it's still a mainstay of theirs, at least moreso then Star Fox, which has like 5 games total in it's series not including remakes or re-releases, and yet somehow managed to get 3 characters from it's series.  Ridley just makes the most sense, and don't even start with me about movesets.  Knowing the places I've been and seeing what I've seen, I've seen just about every possible argument you can think of with Ridley, and quite frankly, I'm of the opinion that regardless of how supposedly "hard" it would be to make a moveset with him, it's still POSSIBLE, and given how high a demand there is for this guy, I'd say it's worth the effort!  I want to make it clear that I'm not going to argue about this and I don't intend to, Ridley is my most-wanted character for this game, there is literally not reason NOT to include him as far as I'm concerned, if you don't want him, that's fine, just don't act like it's a stupid chocie or a "waste of a character slot", because it's that kind of dismissive bullshit that makes this guy a huge (joke/pun not intended) target for debate and arguments, which I don't want to start here (again).

...So that's my take on this.  I kind of "knew" this would be a big post, and I apologize for that, but it's just something I came up with today and thought I'd share.  I honestly hope we do get more newcomers then who I suggested, but I doubt it.  Honestly, I just hope at least Krystal and Ridley are in the game, I'd be completely satisfied with just that.  The 3DS release date looms ever closer, really it'll be October 3rd before you know it!  Lets hope the ride is just as exciting as Robin/Lucina's reveal trailer along the way.

...Oh, and BTW, as a strange coincidence, some guy on SmashBoards compiled the number of character announcements and the number of days between each announcement onto a spreadsheet, in order to see the frequency of announcements:

Math Suggests 45 Characters (+x hidden characters) to be Playable

Apparently, according to his math, there will be at least 45 characters by the time the game is announced.  He also seems to think that this means that there will be 45 characters plus hidden characters in the game itself.  Given that Super Smash Bros. tends to have at least 10 hidden characters, at least, since Melee, this would suggest that there will be at least 55 characters in total...  Then again, this is assuming all the characters announced will be playable from the start, and Luigi and Captain Falcon are typically hidden characters, plus guest characters like Sonic, meaning Mega Man and Pac-Man will also likely be hidden...  then again, having them being "hidden" is kind of a moot point if you already know they're in the game...

Ah well, just more speculation.

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