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Shigeru Miyamoto asks Kotaku what games Nintendo should make

A while back, Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, etc.) was interviewed by gaming journalism website Kotaku (which...  you know what I won't even talk about it), and posed a question towards the readers of Kotaku: what kind of games do you want to see for the Wii U?


After collecting a variety of opinions, Kotaku finally gave Miyamoto an answer:


I'll talk about what I think of these ideas after the break.

Here were the top 5 requests from the readers were:

1.) Metroid (2D or 3D, with many calling for Metroid Prime 4)
2.) A new Pokémon Snap
3.) A new F-Zero.
4.) A new 3D Mario game (Galaxy 3 or Sunshine 2).
5.) An original Dungeons-and-Dragons-style game with the GamePad player serving the role as dungeon master.

I believe Nintendo has already announced that there is both 2D AND 3D Metroid games in the works, and that they "hope to show them off soon".  That's Nintendo for you, they want to make sure people see the quality of their games before announcing them, unlike so many other companies who think they can bank of of pre-announcing stuff and driving up hype on names alone, not to mention Nintendo's trailers actually show off gameplay as opposed to extended cutscenes or pre-rendered crap.  Speaking of which, don't do another Metroid: Other M, Nintendo, please?

Funnily enough, Pokémon Snap for the Wii U is an idea I've seen thrown around quite a lot, and it really does make sense, giving what features the Wii U has and what it's capable of.  The original Pokémon Snap was super fun and I'd be more then glad to play another!

F-Zero...  Shigeru Miyamoto once said a while back that he doesn't understand why fans want another F-Zero (might be paraphrasing that part) and asks what could possibly added to it to make it interesting.  I find this massively hypocritical, given how many samey Mario games and spin-offs get released, but even then, there's nothing wrong with just releasing an HD F-Zero game with online play, ESPECIALLY since it's been so long since the last F-Zero game and it could get people into the series.  Besides, since Captain Falcon keeps appearing in Super Smash Bros., and since there was an F-Zero-themed attraction in NintendoLand, they clearly know it exists, so...  why not?

I really liked the first Super Mario Galaxy (the second one I'm rather angrily "meh" about), and I also liked Super Mario Sunshine, while Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World were good fun, it's like Nintendo intentionally tried to make them look and feel generic.  One of my main problems with them was that they had decent/good level design and fun use of power-ups, the theme-ing of those games was incredibly lazy; levels had almost zero connection with their respective "worlds", so the world maps feel utterly pointless.  The boss fights also feel kind of "eh", though that's mostly with Super Mario 3D Land.  A new collection-based 3D Mario game would feel a bit more refreshing, and it honestly wouldn't hurt to actually have a story here as well.  I might be a minority on this, but I genuinely enjoyed the stories of Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy (in fact, that's part of what bugged me about Super Mario Galaxy 2 a bit).  I'd really like to see them change it up a bit, ironically by redoing something that Nintendo already did almost a decade back, but then again, I think it's better then throwing in a new power-up or two then calling it a day (aka, the New Super Mario Bros. way of doing things; yes, I know there are new levels, but...  gosh, it's so hard to explain how dull they feel).

The Dungeons & Dragons idea I believe comes from a Penny Arcade comic, and...  yeah, that sounds like fun, why not?

Other suggestions include:

-A new StarTrophics game (there were 2 StarTrophics games, Japanese-made American-exclusive, for the NES; they were similar to The Legend of Zelda, and REALLY difficult!  ...I'd like a new one).

-A Wii U port of Kid Icarus: Uprising or a brand new Wii U Kid Icarus (I'd prefer the latter, though I have to wonder if they'll get Masahiro Sakurai to direct again...)

-A new EarthBound/Mother game (that won't happen, Shigesato Itoi doesn't want to make another, plus it ended on a good ambiguous note with Mother 3)

-Kirby's Dream Course 2 (eh...)

-New Fortune Street (if Square Enix is up for it...)

-A new Battle Clash game (a Super Nintendo game that used the Super Scope to shoot things)

-A Fire Emblem game for Wii U (apparently, people weren't satisfied with the Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game that was announced...  Hell, I'd love a Wii U Fire Emblem as well)

-Advance Wars for the Wii U (the "Wars" series has been relatively dormant for a while now...)

-A new Blast Corps game (a Nintendo 64 game made by Rare...  so odds are, if there WAS a sequel to that game, it'd be on the Xbox One... and given how Microsoft treats Rare properties lately...  well...)

-Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 3 (basically the Japanese version of Elite Beat Agents)

-Pokémon MMO (eh...)

-Pokémon action RPG (that would be sweet!)

-Wii U port of The Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures (I never played that game, so yeah)

-Wii U port of Pac-Man Vs. (I'm down with that, I suppose...  Incidentally, Shigeru Miyamoto himself designed this game, back for the GameCube! ;) )

-Wario & Luigi Partners in Crime ("Make it like a Wario Land game with a 2-player system akin to Super Mario 3D Land.") (...Okay...  I'd prefer to see Waluigi, but whatever)

-Super Princess Peach 2 ("Even throw in Daisy and Toadette for good measure if you want".) (YES!  That side-story in the first Super Princess Peach was never resolved and that bugged the crap out of me!)

-A new Wario Land (DOUBLE yes, and be sure to include Captain Syrup again!  Maybe even throw Waluigi into the mix!)

-New Wave Race (eh)

-New Custom Robo (sure)

-New Battalion Wars (see my response to Advance Wars U)

-New Golden Sun (I still haven't finished the first one! D: )

-Mario Paint 3 (okay...)

-New Chibi Robo (wasn't there one that just came out for the 3DS?)

-New Ice Climbers game (really, REALLY want this, no seriously!)

-New Paper Mario that's "like the first two" (yes, please!  ESPECIALLY after freaking Sticker Star! >:( )

-Paper Luigi (...YEAH!)

-Shadow of the Eternals on Wii U (I don't know about this)

-A Nintendo all-star RPG (kind of like Super Smash Bros., but as an RPG...  this is something I imagine about all day every day!  ...BTW, did you know The Wonderful 101 and Splatoon were originally going to feature Nintendo characters as well?)

-"A Zelda game where you play as Zelda." (yeah, what hasn't this been a thing...  or rather, why is the only one where it WAS a thing so despised and terrible?)

-A sequel to Super Mario Bros. 2 (again, why isn't this a thing?  Personally, I'd like to see a game starring Toad with this type of gameplay)

-Baten Kaitos 3 (well, Nintendo DOES own Monolith Soft... if they can get tri-Crescendo to work with them again...)

-Famicom Detective Club sequel (oh...  wow...  didn't think English-speaking people would want this)

-N64 games on the Wii U Virtual Console (how would that work?)

-Animal Crossing for Wii U (pretty sure that's in the works...)

-"A Real Time Strategy game, similar to Starcraft and Command and Conquer, utilizing the strength of the Wii U touch screen controller. Emphasis on strategy puzzle solving, rather than macro mechanics." (...I'm down for that, I'm jiggy with that)

-A new RPG series ("Keeping the Xenoblade train going is a nice step but Nintendo needs to start another RPG franchise.") (yeah, like EarthBound or Golden Sun, new original Nintendo-made RPGs are always good as far as I'm concerned)

-A new "mature" game (not sure how Nintendo could or would go about this...  they seem to outsource this kind of stuff most of the time)

-A Nintendo point-and-click adventure game (yeah, I'd like that)

-A world-creating/mining game, a la Minecraft and Terraria (I think Miyamoto WAS talking about how a game like Minecraft would be perfect for the Wii U and the GamePad)

-A Nintendo MOBA/Multiplayer Oneline Battle Arena (...I don't even...)

-An original 3D fighting game (that would be cool)

-"An innovative, asymmetric racing game" (um...  okay...)

-"A game that uses the Wii U GamePad as a portal to another world" (boy these people are creative)

-A dungeon-crawler game like Etrian Odyssey (Again, not too sure about this)

-"A new IP set in Feudal Kyoto linked with Nintendo or an earlier Nintendo like card company. Something like Sakura Samurai meets Goemon, a full blown action adventure game." (...)

-A business sim about Nintendo in the 1800s! (dang...  these guys really ARE creative!)

And at least 7 people wanted Shigeru Miyamoto to do whatever he felt like doing (aww :) ).

Of course, there were also a lot of people asking, if not demanding, that Nintendo by Capcom and revive Mega Man Legends 3 as well as suggest new Capcom games like Gotcha Force, Power Stone, and whatnot), apparently not realizing that Shigeru Miyamoto only has so much power and influence in Nintendo.  I mean, yeah, I'd like those things to happen, too, but it's not like he's Satoru Iwata or anything.  Not to mention, some people people suggested new games that don't belong to Nintendo or even Capcom, like Shenmue (SEGA),  Trauma Center (Atlus...  which I guess is also SEGA now), Mischief Makers (Treasure, though apparently Nintendo helped publish it), or Fatal Frame (Tecmo andGrasshopper Manufacture).  Kind of makes me wish people were more informed, but whatever.

So wow, these are a lot of suggestions.  I sincerely hope Shigeru Miyamoto and/or Nintendo takes note of all of these, even if it's the top 5, because I'd really like to see some of these!

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