Saturday, October 22, 2016

What I'd like to see for the Nintendo Switch

Man...  What a reveal that was...  We might not be getting any more info on the Nintendo Switch until November, but I can't contain my excitement regardless!  In fact, after a recent YouTube video, I made a MASSIVE list of stuff I want to see out of the Nintendo Switch!  See what I mean after the break (MASSIVE wall of text follows, you've been warned).

So there's this guy called PaleoSteno who I've known for a long time but haven't really kept in touch with for a while.  Recently, though, he made a video about what he wants to see out of the Nintendo Switch:

Paleo prompted his views to ask what they wanted to see in the comments section and I just went all-out!  You can see what I wrote in the comments section of this video, but since you're here already, this is basically what I wrote.

Regarding what Paleo said:

-Not sure about features, I don't really use much on my Wii U or Nintendo 3DS besides games, though I HAVE been watching YouTube and Netflix on my Wii U as of late, so if that's on the Switch, I'd totally be down for that!
-If they had Skype or Discord (lol), I'd probably create and account just so I could use that with friends.
-Nintendo would REALLY be missing an opportunity if they didn't have a way to transfer what you've purchased, on the Virtual Console at the very least, to the Switch. The Wii U is a must, IMO, but the 3DS? Well, we'll see. Given that Nintendo did that whole "My Nintendo" thing, I feel like they should be going in that direction, but you never know with them...
-I feel like amiibo support is a given; we see amiibo in the trailer, not to mention Nintendo isn't the kind of company to invest so much in something like amiibo just for a quick cash-grab. I, for one, look forward to not only future amiibo (Ridley amiibo, please!) but more uses for amiibo... Particularly the Super Smash Bros. ones, so many Nintendo characters, they have to make use of all those possibilities!
-Metroid's obvious, but what I want is one of two things: a 2D Metroid, or even a 2.5D Metroid that's just like Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, or Metroid: Zero Mission (Metroid Fusion might be my favorite Metroid game), or a third-person Metroid game that is absolutely nothing like Metroid: Other M. My God, I can't tell you how absolutely disappointed I was with that game; here we finally get a 3D Metroid game that isn't a first-person shooter (nothing against the genre, I just can't get into it), and it SUCKS! And if you want to argue with me, fine, but I'll just ignore you because I'm sick of arguing about that game. If you like Metroid: Other M, good for you, but me, I can't hide the extreme anger and disappointment I had for that game... But yeah, I guess another Metroid Prime would be alright; they seem to be building up to something with Sylux after Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and even the end of Metroid Prime Federation Force.
-It frustrates me how Shigeru Miyamoto won't touch an IP he's created unless he can do something unusual and "different" with it, even if it's an IP that hasn't seen the light of day in years. Star Fox Zero? That wouldn't have gotten made without Miyamoto insisting on an incredibly intuitive new playstyle, and the game itself was just a remake/retelling of Star Fox 64, which was ALREADY a retelling of the first Star Fox! Not QUITE as big a disappointment as Metroid: Other M, but it doesn't give me much hope for F-Zero. Last I heard, Miyamoto MIGHT make a new F-Zero if he things of a good new "control interface" or some nonsense, like it can't JUST be a new installment in the series, it HAD to be different, albeit only in how you play, the game itself can be interchangeable nonsense, but it HAS to have something new or else why bother! I mean, but now, people just WANT a new F-Zero, maybe with a new story mode for Captain Falcon and maybe even some other characters few new characters, definitely new courses, course editor, and HELLO, ONLINE RACING?! Geez, man... Nintendo can be really frustrating to deal with somethings...
-Speaking of Star Fox, a new Star Fox that actually continues the story and doesn't force you to play like you have two sets of eyes would be nice... But now the question is, do they follow the rebooted continuity or go back to, say, Star Fox Command and use the characters introduced there? I liked the idea of Dash Bowman and how he's Andross's grandson, so there's this "following in his grandfather's footsteps" vs. doing the right thing going on with him, that could make for an interesting story and a unique relationship with Fox... Then again, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who gives a crap about characters in Nintendo games. Oh well...
-"COME ON, REGGIE, GIVE US MOTHER 3!" We have EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings, all we need is Mother 3/EarthBound 2 to finally complete the trilogy... A collection game would be a great way to solve that, they could do what they did with the Kirby 20th anniversary collection, and have the 3 games plus a museum of stuff from the series's history and stuff! I wonder if Shigesato Itoi would be up for something like that...
-PAPER MARIO, YES! PLEASE!!! Color Splash was actually surprisingly good, but please, Nintendo, give us a Paper Mario game that's true to it's RPG roots! I miss the partners, the battles, the badges, and the variety of characters that AREN'T ALL INTERCHANGEABLE TOADS!! I'm practically on my knees with this, please, please, PLEASE NINTENDO!!!
-Endless Ocean? ...Oh, yeah, Paleo's a marine-lover, I forgot about that. :P
-StarTropics 3, Hell yeah! The StarTropics games were cool Zelda-like games but set in the modern day, I could totally see a franchise like that blossoming in this day and age. See also: Balloon Fighter, Mach Rider, Nazo no Murasame-Jo/The Mysterious Murasame Castle, and Ice Climber. Yeah, if Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U has proven anything, it's that people really do like the Ice Climbers, and a new game for them, perhaps one that expands the Ice Climber world a bit, gives Popo and Nana personalities and backstories, give a bit of lore while doing a game that's like, I dunno, an exploration kind of game where Popo and Nana find food like the vegetables or other resources to either help their home village or to continue their ice-climbing ventures, that would be REALLY neat!
-When it comes to third parties, the only thing I want is for the third parties to stick around this time. They were all for supporting the Wii U until it started underselling then they abandoned it in droves... I STILL won't forget how Rayman Legends was meant to be a Wii U exclusive, and how Ubisoft forced the developers to crunch it to make a February release date, only to suddenly announce, without them knowing, that the game was going to be delayed, JUST so it could coincide with a PS4 and Xbox One release! It's absolute BULLSHIT and it put all the house they put into the Wii U development to waste, hours they didn't need to work so hard, especially since during the delay the Wii U version wasn't altered at all, the delay was for making PS4/Xbox One ports. Michel Ancel, Rayman's creator, actually considered leaving the company because of this bullshit... But I guess he didn't, because Beyond Good & Evil 2 is finally coming, to the Nintendo Switch no less, if rumors are to be believed...
-Another Pokemon game like Colosseum or Gale of Darkness would be cool, I liked those games, PaleoSteno should totally play them, and so should all of you. But yeah, new Pokemon games on the Switch feels like a given, as much as Zelda and Mario are a given.

What I want to see:

-In addition to the Balloon Fighter, Mach Rider, Murasame Castle, and Ice Climber revivals, I wouldn't mind seeing revivals for other more obscure Nintendo classics, like Urban Champion, Pro Wrestling, Ice Hockey, and Gumshoe (that's a Zapper game where you have to shoot the protagonist to make him jump, how weird is that?!)! Keep the odd, quirky characters and settings for those characters, since it's what helped make them unique and kept that Nintendo charm to them.
-I'd like to see and new Punch-Out!! game, called "Super Punch-Out!!" in keeping with the tradition of having one game be released as Punch-Out!! than the follow-up being called Super Punch-Out!! Next Level Games put SO much personality into the classic characters, not just for Doc Louis but also for all of Little Mac's opponents! For this one, I'd like to see them put some more personality into the SNES Super Punch-Out!! characters and create more original characters to see what they come up with (fun fact: Disco Kid was originally supposed to be Kid Quick from the first arcade Punch-Out!! but he ended up being so different that they just straight up made him a new character; check his stats and where he's from, both him and Kid Quick are identical in that regard)
-A Donkey Kong game that brings back the Kremlings as the primary antagonists. The Tiki Take Tribe were alright, and so were the Snowmads, but I think fans have made it clear, no one can truly replace King K. Rool and his Kremlings Krew... Also, the final boss fight of Tropical Freeze was incredibly underwhelming, King K. Rool wouldn't have taken that lying down!
-A new Mario that plays like Super Mario Bros. 2? Or heck, a new Mario game set outside the Mushroom Kingdom where Bowser ISN'T the main antagonist for once? Super Mario 3D World kind of went halfway, making Bowser not kidnap Peach and technically having it take place in a different world, but there wasn't much different between the Mushroom Kingdom and the Sprixie World, and there's only so many times you can beat up Bowser before it starts to get old. The return of Wart or Tatanga would be nice, and having characters like Tryclyde, Clawgripe, and Mouser (ESPECIALLY Mouser) come back would be so awesome!
-Heck, revisiting Wrecking Crew wouldn't be so bad, either. Foreman Spike seems like an interesting minor antagonist (though I'd prefer his bearded form as opposed to his psuedo-Waluigi look) that I wouldn't mind seeing in newer Mario games.
-Another Excitebike? With course editor that you can more easily share via an Internet connection? Kind of like the WiiWare game only better.
-New Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem feel like a given, but then again, they weren't on the Wii U aside from spin-offs, so who knows... I know Nintendo considers them valuable enough properties to give them smart phone games, so a proper Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem game on the Switch would be pretty sweet.
-And a proper Kirby game as well! Kirby Triple Deluxe and Planet Rorobot were awesome, I'd like to see a game like those on the Switch! Or perhaps, dare I say, a fully 3D Kirby game instead of a 2.5D one?! That would be different!
-New Wario Land... Heck another proper WarioWare game would be cool, too, Game & Wario felt a bit lackluster, but really, it's been too long since we had a new Wario Land game and I want to see Wario beat up some bad guys... well, badder guys. Have Waluigi be in it, too.
-OH FUCK, A WALUIGI GAME! Right? Come on, I know you Waluigi fans are out there and want to see it as much as I do!
-Another Kid Icarus installment. It's great that they revived Kid Icarus, but I want to see him continue to get installments and become as much of a staple as... well, not Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon's levels, but at least Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem's levels. For that matter, I want Metroid to return to that status as well, but we've already talked about that.
-Stunt Race FX revival? :P I only know about this thanks to Andre from GameXplain, but dang... That would be neat, and different!
-Speaking of different, Nintendo is supposedly working on a wholly new IP for the Switch. That's good, let's see them make the next Splatoon!
-Here are some games that could use new installments that aren't "retro", or at least as far back as the NES and SNES: Custom Robo, Chibi-Robo (a proper Chibi-Robo game, as opposed to what Zip-Lash did), Golden Sun, Sin & Punishment, Advance Wars, Baten Kaitos (since Nintendo owns Monolith Soft now), Dillon's Rolling Western (though maybe that's better suited to the 3DS... if you haven't played that game and its sequel, DO IT NOW!!), Fatal Frame (this time, DON'T make it an eShop exclusive, that shit takes up too much memory/GB), Game & Watch Gallery (basically a Game & Watch collection but with Mario characters added to remade versions of those games, those were fun), and The Legendary Stary (I LOVE Starfy, and I'm sure Paleo would too, it's about marine-life! ;) ).
-A Mario Tennis game that isn't completely phoned in. :[
-A Dr. Mario with a story mode, like Dr. Mario 64? That'd be nice...
-Super Mario Sunshine 2 or Super Mario Galaxy 3? Eh, why not...
-A new Xenoblade game that's actually a story-focused game as opposed to an open-world game like X was; nothing against X, but the first Xenoblade Chronicles was PHENOMENAL!!
-Hey, if Nintendo ever does look into VR and not suck like they did with the Virtual Boy, maybe they can revive Teleroboxer? That seemed like a neat concept!
-Maybe they can translate and release Tomato Adventure? It's an RPG made by AlphaDream, the developer behind the Mario & Luigi games, BEFORE they made the Mario & Luigi games. Looks fun and bizarre!
-Another Rhythm Heaven game, maybe? Though it'll be hard to top Megamix...
-Maybe they could revisit Drill Dozer and Codename: S.T.E.A.M.? I feel like those are fun and unique games that didn't get enough attention or love the first time around...
-If Mario Kart and Splatoon are getting updated re-releases, I think the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U should get the same treatment. I don't expect them to do much, the game could be virtually identical, but I would expect to see at least a few new characters, perhaps even a few new trophies or an extra mode to entice people to pick up this one. I'm hoping that they'll bring back the Ice Climbers with this one, since the only reason they weren't in the 3DS version was because the 3DS couldn't handle the whole "two characters at once" gimmick they had going for them and not do it in the same way they did with Olimar or Rosalina, and they weren't in the Wii U version because they wanted to keep the roster consistent between versions. Wolf should also come back, he was as popular a veteran as Lucas and Roy, I don't see why they shouldn't include him again. Also, RIDLEY! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS SAKURAI AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! ...I don't expect many new characters beyond the Ice Climbers and maybe Wolf or a new character, though. My dream would be to have a new Adventure Mode like Subspace Emissary but better, but that's not going to happen anytime soon...

PHEW! I think that about covers it. How about the rest of you?  Do you agree with my ideas or disagree?  Is there something in particular you want to see out of the Switch (almost said NX for a second there, need to get used to that)?  There's no stopping the floodgates now!


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  2. I want to see and a Revival of The Frog For Whom The Bell Tolls to be confirmed for Nintendo Switch and Virtual Console of Original The Frog For Whom The Bell Tolls DX Colors for New Nintendo 3DS XL!!!!!!!!!!★♪☆♥♪♡