Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hex Heroes - What is it?

A party/real-time strategy game for PC, Mac, Linux (whatever, I don't even...) and most notably, the Wii U!  With music from the wonderful Grant Kirkhope, and the the key designer having worked on another title, The Bridge, that received...  decently good reviews.

The game appears to be meant to be played as a group, with one player, using the Wii U Gamepad, commanding and directing up to 4 other players, who use either Wii Remotes or perhaps Pro Controllers(?).  There are a variety of modes, where it's to fend off enemies, search for enemy strongholds, or going on a journey together.

But what caught my attention was the fact that certain indie developers have approved of cameos of their characters in the game!  These cameos include:

-Alicia from Heart Forth, Alicia (I haven't played it, but it looks really good)
-Zoya from the Trine series (never played, but heard a lot of good things about)
-Juan from Guacamelee! (featured in the intro trailer; have yet to play, but it's on my list!)
-Max from Mutant Mudds (featured in the intro trailer; sweet game overall)
-Shovel Knight from...  well, yeah. (featured in the intro trailer; if you haven't played it yet, GET IT NOW!)
-Rusty from Steamworld Dig (featured in the intro trailer; fantastic game, even though I've yet to finish it)
-Lady Faye IV from Rogue Legacy (REALLY want to play, but I'm computer-retarded when it comes to PC games, and don't have any PS systems)
-Subject W from Parasite Lost: First Contact (dang, this game looks really cool)
-Cyrus from Wizorb (OH MAN, I've heard of this game!  I think I might actually have it on my Xbox 360 and forgot about it!)
-The Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter (said to be a combination of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Diablo... interesting)

But the biggest thing that caught my attention?  Egoraptor and Danny Sexbang, also known as the Game Grumps, are going to be featured in the game as well!  ...Oh, and also Ross from Steam Train (and his cat, Dr. Orpheous).

Anyway, the Kickstarter is over, but you can visit their page here:

Hex Heroes - A Party RTS for Wii U/PC/Mac/Linux by Prismatic Games LLC --- Kickstarter

And you can visit the developer's Facebook page here:

Prismatic Games - Facebook

Please support this game.  Being a Wii U owner, I know I will!

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