Monday, April 28, 2014

Adventure Time blogs: Big-Time Catch-up!

So I finally sat down and caught up with...  most of the episodes of Adventure Time up to this point.  It's been something I've really been procrastinating on, and I wanted to get down to it, since I've been trying to beat Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! (which yeah, isn't really that good, but I at least appreciate what it's trying to do...  plus it contains a piece of canon information that I want to know).  Hopefully I'll try to stay on top of new episodes after this.

I feel bad because I went all details with Red Throne, but now I'm back to general summaries since I'm marathoning this.  Hopefully I'll get across everything I wanted to talk about while keeping it short.

Oh, and uh, spoilers ahead, obviously.

Betty: Of all the episodes I regret not seeing sooner, this is the one I regret the most, since it was the one I was actively looking forward to out of any episode announced last season.  I mean, an episode where the Ice King remembers who he once was and actively tries to find his original love back?  I mean, this is a HUGE DEAL!  Could the really live up to that kind of hype?  Well first off, that melted head thing at the beginning reminded me of Darth Sideous/Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.  He even kind of talked like him!  Regardless, that Bella Noche guys seems like a pretty big deal, even though he seems primarily there just to give us a reason why/how Ice King reverted back to Simon Petrikov.  Hell, he's pretty much forgotten about as soon as Simon comes into play, at least until the end of the episode (the fact that the Grand Wizard just says "Sorry Ice King" and doesn't really berate him for being involved in this is both funny and also kind of sad).  Also, HOLY CRAP, Ash is back?!  Didn't really expect to see him again...  though given the nature of this show, it shouldn't be THAT surprising.  The fact that Simon just punched him in the fact and instantly knocked him out was hilarious!  I also found it weird that Simon "knew" to go back to his ice castle...  I guess he was still aware of what was going on around him, despite not knowing if he kept his glasses or if his research was still there.  That scene where Finn and Jake kept telling Marceline to move her bass/guitar down was kind of funny, considering how scared they were of her at first.  Another funny thing is how Marcy passed out when she received Simon's phone call...  though it's more dramatic then funny, since like Simon said, this IS a lot to take in.  What I find weird is how they explain Marcy's connection to Simon/the Ice King, and I say that because most of the time, Adventure Time doesn't bother doing this recap stuff, and usually just assumes people remember past episodes.  Hell, they didn't explain why Cinnamon Bun was in Red Throne, did they?  I also like how the Ice Kingdom is melting, implying that it only exists because of the Ice King's powers, and since they're not working anymore...  well...  yeah.  I hope Simon's stuff doesn't get ruined from the melting process.  Marceline and Simon's reunion was very sweet, I loved it. :)  So apparently Simon knows who Finn and Jake are...  but only has basic impressions of what he does as the Ice King...  and bruises from all the fights they had.  It's nice to see that Marcy's willing to part with Hambo, for Simon's sake; it shows just how strong their bond is...  I also must say, it's a good thing Marcy got Hambo back from the Sky Witch Maja...  Almost makes me wonder if that's all that episode was for (hopefully not).  That was s surprise to see Betty go after Simon in the future...  wait, could THAT be why Simon never heard from Betty again?  Because she went into the future?!  MIND-BLOW!!!  Too bad Simon's dying...  BTW, I just want to say, Betty takes being in the future and surrounded by weirdos she doesn't know pretty well.  Heck, her personality is also pretty fascinating; she's very peppy and smart, I rather like it.  Death shows up, it's kind of funny if it weren't also sad that Simon's dying...  Seriously, Betty is taking all this strangeness in good strides!  And the fact that she's so dedicated to seeing Simon live and trying to undo the curse...  it's really uplifting...  Of course, Death tries to spoil all of this...  seriously, this guy is funny!  Oh, we see Huntress Wizard again!  Seriously, I want to see more of her, she just has a cool design to her!  Oh, and that shopkeep from that episode where Finn, Jake, and PB went to the Wizard City, sweet!  Too bad he only makes things worse.  I think it's hilarious how not only does Bella Noche not look all that scary or different in his true form (his face is like any other plain face in Adventure Time), but that Betty literally beats the crap out of him and THAT defeats him!  The ending is bittersweet, in that the Ice King is now "back to normal", and Betty is still out there...  Really, the Ice King might be my favorite character with a lot of the best lines of the show, but his story just seems to get more and more depressing...  I mean, will Betty ever find a way to change him back?  Also, where will she live?  Will she crash with Marceline?  This has me REALLY curious...  So yeah, this episode, TOTALLY lived up to the hype, loved it!

Lemonhope: I know Bad Timing aired before this, but on iTunes that episode is paired with the season 5 finale, so I'm watching this two-parter first.  Really, I didn't expect them to follow-up on the Lemongrab situation so quickly.  Lemongrab's story really is almost as depressing as the Ice King's, in that he seems sympathetic (and obnoxious) but despite getting relatively happy endings in two of his episodes, he ended up turning out worse then ever!  Will this two-part special resolve it or bring closure?  ...Yeah, in case you didn't noticed, I'm actively commenting on these episodes while I'm writing this.  So part one...  that dream sequence was interesting.  So I guess Lemonhope goes to school with Finn?  I didn't even realize Finn went to school...  he probably only goes there to be with PB...  Seriously, Finn's clingy nature lost all of it's charm a long time ago, it's now gotten WAY beyond creepy...  That's probably what they're going for these days.  OH, I actually saw this clip, this clip of the state of the Earldom of Lemongrab...  Pretty messed up, and more then the usual kind of messed as far as Lemongrab is concerned.  The fact that Lemongrab 2 is still somehow alive and can still talk through the fatass Lemongrab 1's stomach is probably the most disturbing thing of all!  Like seriously, Lemongrab has reached some kind of peak point of demented, the torment he put all of his children through, not to mention crushing the harps of which he supposedly liked listening to...  Also, why is Lemonhope drawing himself with a beard?  By "morale" I assume Lemongrab means HIS morale.  Seriously, he was also a bit conceited, but now it's gotten to a point where it's not funny anymore, if it ever was funny in the first place.  It's weird, I've always liked Lemongrab, even though he seems like a character I would despise more then anything, and even here where he's depicted as the worst he's ever been, I can't bring myself to hate him THAT much since it's so over the top and delusional...  No, that's not it...  I can't really explain why I'm okay with this whereas with other TV shows or characters I wouldn't be...  It's just something about the way this show is written...  Hell, the fact that Lemongrab 2 is the one who redeems himself, as opposed to the original Lemongrab, for whom the double was specifically created for to mellow him out...  I can't help but feel like they're trying say something...  like the original Lemongrab is beyond hope...  Lemonhope?  I think Lemonhope is interesting, in that he really does not care what happens to the other lemons.  Not that he's selfish, he just doesn't see much of a reason to come to their aid...  plus he's not doubt scared of facing that bastard Lemongrab 1.  He definitely sounds more hesitant then nonchalant about this.  lol, when PB takes out a cupcake, there's one that looks like Mr. Cupcake!  Yeah, Lemonhope definitely feels more childishly selfish, similar to how Lemongrab was originally depicted as a man-child (and kind of still is, though now he's more rotten).  This isn't really a bad thing, a lot of children are selfish like that.  Even a lot of adults can be that way.  Hell, I can be that way, though I personally WOULD give away one of my cupcakes.  You know, when PB mentions the pacts and treaties keeping her from getting closer, I have to wonder how this earldom formed.  I know Lemongrab was PB's first creation, yet so much of his backstory is left unknown...  probably for the better, since it allows us to fill in the blanks, though given how messe dup he's gotten, I wouldn't mind a bit more detail on how he came to be...  OH GLOB, Lemongrab EATS HIS SUBJECTS AND FAMILY?!!  Well, I guess it shouldn't be too surprising, given that he ate Lemongrab 2, and it would explain how he got so fat...  Hell, the fact that the people are made of candy is something this show dodges around and lightly jokes about every now and then, but seeing it here, this one lemon person trying to escape, only to be brought back then DEVOURED by his supposed father (who created him from the food he original was just to give himself a family)...  This is seriously messed up!  I know I keep saying this, but this is literally the most messed up the show's ever gotten...  I kind of like it.  I also like that Lemonhope doesn't feel like he truly owes the people who helped free him.  Again, a very childish view on things.  Also, REALLY bad choice of words, PB.  Wow, he striped nude...  Like, I kind of got what he meant by wanting to be free, but I didn't think he'd take it to THIS level!  This really is silly, especially when he starts singing and dancing and playing music.  It's almost adorable!  So he gets onboard a pirate ship...  what is that ship sailing in?  I assume it's some kind of candy and not water since Lemonhope can walk on it.  Him finding a lime was...  some kind of strange mix of adorable, cute, funny, silly, and kind of stupid.  Gosh, I just love this series and I have a hard time explaining why!  So apparently a monster attack, from the sounds of it, and left Lemonhope injured and...  somehow stranded in a desert.  Wait, was the ship always in the desert?  It didn't look like sand before...  Maybe this will teach Lemonhope the power of kindness and doing things for others.  That other dream sequence with Lemongrab 2 and PB was both surreal, scary and hilarious, especially when PB said "UNACCEPTABLE!!!!" XD  Seeing Lemonhope slowly going crazy and using very loose definitions of the words "free" and "freedom" is both disturbing and also kind of enticing to watch...  I don't want to say funny, because it's not necessarily funny (plus I think I'm overusing that word), and really, I'm just so absorbed in what's happening, I just want to keep watching to see what happens next!  I guess that's the sign that the writers are doing good!  ...Okay, seeing Lemohope all dried up...  that's not enticing to watch, that's actually really sad, especially while he's singing a more depressing version of the song he was singing earlier.  Well, this probably will teach him a lesson about running away, though I don't know if this will make him any more willing to help out others.  Maybe someone will help him, and he won't take it for granted?

We'll see in part 2!  So apparently this guy who was in the cloud that was above Lemonhope's ship home was watching him suffer and now finally decides to help him out?  ...Okay, I guess.  When killing this whale-like creature, Lemonhope really seems to be channeling Lemongrab, the way he shouted at the top of his lungs...  In fact...  Does Justin Roiland voice him as well?  ...Okay, I looke dit up and apparently, he does.  Interesting, in that I couldn't tell at first.  Probably because Lemonhope wasn't screaming everything he said.  So the cloud guy wants to take Lemonhope on as his apprentice, and live a life of freedom, but considering that Lemonhope thought he saw his lemon people instead of treasure, I get the feeling he's still feeling guilty deep down...  ANOTHER DREAM SEQUENCE!  Okay, yeah, this dream sequence has Lemonhope sounding different then how he just was.  I think the days of near starvation and thirst have made his voice as harsh as his would-be father.  Wait, where are those two?  It looks like the Ice Kingdom...  but what's with the fire?  Is Flame Princess still mad with Ice King?  No, that can't be, she realized she was lied to...  Wait, love potions?  Why hasn't the Ice King tried that?  Either way, it seems like, with the sagely advice from his mentor, Lemonhope WILL help out his people.  too bad the cloud guy won't help him out (again with the pacts and treaties...  I hate politics).  Geez, how is Lemonhope going to do anything?  WHOA, LEMONGRAB!  Weird how he had dots for eyes instead of his normal eyes for a second...  Also, it seems like Lemongrab realized he's easily mesmerized by Lemonhope's playing, so he put "things" in his non-existent ears...  Seriously, Lemongrab's dialogue cracks me up, especially when he admitted to being fat!  ...Though I can't help but feel nervous, given that he tends to devour his people, makes me wonder if he'll do the same to Lemonhope...  Nope!  Lemongrab 2 and the other lemon people come to help!  And the music...  blows up Lemongrab...  Well, he was an interesting character, but he died as he lived...  being a massive prick.  Another dream sequence...  very nicely done...  Also, Finn playing Lemonhope's flute made me realize...  isn't that flute Finn's?  Like, it looks like like his flute in Prisoners of Love, the third episode of this series!  ...Oh wait, so Lemongrab is alive?  Well hopefully, there will be measures to prevent him from going so bad.  Yeesh, I really have to wonder if he actually WILL stay like that.  Also, how's Lemongrab 2?  I hope he's okay...  I honestly didn't think Lemonhope was going to stay.  He never really wanted to say with his people, he just wanted to repay his debt.  Yeah, this was a good story arc, I feel.  That song at the end was sweet, I rather liked it...  Wait...  Did the end...  take place in the future?  Lemonhope looks different, almost older.  I guess he really DOES come back in 1000 years...  Really makes me wonder what happens to everything else by then.  Yeah, like I said, good story arc, even though there's not much to Lemonhope, I still thoroughly enjoy it.

Bad Timing: Another LSP episode, huh?  Really finicky about how I feel about LSP from time to time...  Really concerned if I'll like this or not...  Whoa...  apparently we only see through this small circle or whatever?  The stuff around it with the doodles and such is kind of funny.  Apparently PB has invented time travel and tests it on those things she seems to use as guinea pigs from time to time...  Wait, is this whole episode taking place within that time bubble thing?!  Jake points out that the Ice King used time travel...  though he said he used magic...  Really, considering that Simon seems more like a man of logic and reason, was it REALLY magic?  Then again, it was pointed out that in the past, Simon DID do a lot of research into the concept of magic and that it existed at one point...  so perhaps PB is wrong, and that there IS magic?  Also, is that one of those mud fish things from the Mega-Frog episode?  Also, LSP is still a hobo, and apparently was sleeping on PB's roof.  I have to say, LSP really goes all out with insults, really makes you wonder why PB's friends with her int he first place...  The way she pulled out her bubblegum hair and went on about her subjects love her, that felt like a low-blow, and definitely something worth starting a war over as PB threatened to do.  It's nice to be reminded that LSP is, indeed, still a princess...  even though she doesn't act like it in the slightest.  It's interesting to think that LSP is a regular in that bar, considering she knows the bartender's name.  Also, Tree Trunks is still married to Mr. Pig! :3  Oh geez...  this guy, Johnny, that LSP used to be lab partners with in high school...  Have I mentioned I'm not a fan of romantic plotlines?  This is no exception, with LSP apparently hitting on this guy.  The way they're bonding together...  I just KNOW this is going to end up badly.  Things ALWAYS end in drama when LSP is involved...  It IS hilarious how LSP said she'd be sending Johnny "good vibes" while at the meeting, even though she immediately reverted back to her selfish self and ended up watching Johnny's TV the whole time. :P  Still, it goes...  pretty much how I expected it.  Johnny talks says he and PB are going to discuss contracts over dinner that night, and LSP IMMEDIATELY thinks PB is moving in on someone she just fell in love with...  really, given what just happened to her in this episode, I find her more understandable and sympathetic then usually, but still, she's obviously diluted...  And throwing a Molotov cocktail, and tearing the breaks of a truck causing it to crash and explode inside the castle...  Well, yeah, this is LSP we're talking about, going too far is what she's all about.  Though when LSP shows up with the time stuff...  boy is it creepy.  Also, it's clear that LSP does NOT understand how the time travel thing works and likely just killed Johnny.  Sure enough, he's gone, as PB explains to LSP...  you know, LSP seems really calm and understanding despite, you know, dealing with LSP.  Given how furious she was with her before, you wonder why she doesn't flip out again.  Really, that Princess Bubblegum is an enigma sometimes...  ...Hmm?  Hey, Johnny is showing up in the outline outside of the circle!  Poor guy, seeing LSP forget him...  Yeah, that's actually a really cool detail, LSP went into the bubble before, and thus PB...  took past LSP and put her in this timeline?  ...Time travel's confusing.  If I were PB, I'd get a drink, too.

Billy's Bucket List: Feel really bad about not seeing this when it aired, same with Betty and the season 6 premiere.  At least I'm seeing it now...  So apparently that monster let all those bears out of his stomach for a little bit...  Nice rap battle there (not really).  Rap Bear was his hero?  I bet he just said that to make Rap Bear feel better...  because little does Finn know...  people associated with his original hero are coming for him!  Yeah, I knew about what this episode was about before it aired.  Apparently, Billy wanted to tell Finn some things before he was killed by the Lich...  one of which I was spoiled of, but I'll get to that when we come to it.  Actually...  the fact that Finn had to be reminded that Billy was his hero...  it's kind of sad.  Like, it takes a while to dawn upon you that someone you care about is dead and will never come back...  Then we see some scenes of Finn and Billy hanging out that were never in the series.  Seriously, I wish they did more with Billy before they killed him off.  Still, it's great to hear Lou Ferrigno as Billy again!  So now we meet Canyon, Billy's ex-girlfriend...  Really, given how old Billy is, it's weird to see that Canyon doesn't look that old...  Okay, I'm going to do some timeline math...  She said she broke up with Billy 4 years ago...  Billy met Finn when Finn was still 12.  Now he's about...  15?  So that means she broke up with him about 1 year before Finn met Billy...  I'm assuming Billy was out of the "hero" biz when she broke up with him...  ...Still can't get over how young she looks in comparison to Billy.  So, is this the first time Finn's been back to Billy's "crack" since he died?  Either way, I'm sure this must be heart-breaking for Canyon, even though she's not Billy's girlfriend anymore.  OH SNAP, it's those fairies that blew up old ladies in The Enchiridion!  ...Will they try to blow up Canyon? :P  Jordan, Lord of the Fairies looks like a real dork.  I like how Finn just quickly deals with him and is immediately forgotten about.  Yeah, just as I thought, Canyon broke-up with Billy after Billy lost his hero heart.  If only she came back to him once Finn and Jake filled his void again.  Say, what is a "bucket list", anyway?  ...I guess it's a list of things to do before he kicks the bucket.  Makes sense, given the name.  "Tell Finn the thing"...  So he wanted to tell Finn something, and also ride with Canyon one last time.  I know what "the thing" is...  but we'll wait until Finn realizes it.  Hell, the fact that it's glossed over is kind of funny.  Also, Finn trying to ride Billy's motorcycle is hilarious, since he's way too small to be riding it!  That weird snake thing with the daggers trying to run up to them was also pretty funny to watch!  So Canyon leaves in a river (I guess that's the equivalent to Billy's crack), and Finn discovers one last item on Billy's list...  to lie on his back in the ocean...  Ohhh, Finn's fear comes back!  It's funny, considering how Finn's out-of-nowhere fear of the ocean in Ocean of Fear was played for laughs, and now it's come back as a continuous problem that he needs to get over.  Technically, he doesn't HAVE to do this, but he wants to respect what Billy wanted to do in life, so...  OH CRAP, I was hoping for this!  The Fear Feaster came back!  And they play the same music that played back in that episode, I love it!  Oh wait...  Are they going to call back to how the "Evil Ocean" in Billy's song looks just like the Fear Feaster?  ...So once again, Finn is forced to knock himself out in order to face his fear.  Kind of disappointing but whatever.  Oh wait, Finn has a nightmare, and ends up waking up in the middle of the ocean, completely helpless...  NO WAIT, he's got his cursed grass sword!  I like how the Fear Feaster says no mortal blade can harm him before getting sliced up and disappearing...  I guess Finn conquered his fear, thanks for his new sword!  And Billy comes to him, Mufasa style!  Billy says he watches Canyon while he sleeps...  love IS weird!  And then we get a funny moment where Billy doesn't bother telling Finn "the thing" he wanted to tell him, but then he tells him that his father is in the place called "the Citadel"...  What's interesting is that Finn originally assumes he's talking about Joshua, and Finn apparently knows he's dead, because he and Jake buried him (really makes me wonder how he died).  But now, he's talking about Finn's human father!  HE'S STILL ALIVE!!!  ...Fun Fact: this was originally supposed to be mentioned in the episode "The Lich", when Billy was eating his sandwich.  I think it makes sense to bring it up here, since we don't want that kind of information distracting from the main point of that episode.  Really, it's better to bring it up here, since now we can focus on Finn's dad...

Wake Up: The season 6 premiere...  Glad I'm finally getting around to watching this!  It's so late right now but I'm going to watch it!  So when this started out, I THOUGHT it was a dream, since the Lich is there...  Not to mention, the name of the episode is "Wake Up".  Then again, it all kind of makes sense, seeing as Jake is friends with Prismo, and the Lich is pretty much trapped there...  Plus there are all kinds of powerful being there, not just the cosmic owl, but the Party God (guess he couldn't stay in space for long), that four-headed guy from Mars, Death, and...  Peppermint Butler?  Seriously, all that's missing is from the guest list Hunson Abadeer, Marceline's dad.  As Prismo addresses Pepperment Butler's concerns, my ideas on who and what the Lich is have been answered, and it's exactly what I thought they would be.  See, I was going to do a write-up of the Lich a while back, saying he seems like a weak character compared to all the other villainous characters in Adventure Time, who have a lot more dimension to them.  The thing about the Lich, though, is that despite being able to talk, and being deceitful and crafty, he's more of a force of destruction then an actual being with wants and needs.  His goal is to destroy all life...  but that's all there is to his goal.  This was hinted at in Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, where we see the Lich is created again in the Farmworld universe and that the Lich is pretty much a result of a deadly bomb that went off.  He really is like a machine, and only exists to fulfill one function: destroy all life.  Since he apparently can't do that while in Prismo's chamber he basically can't function.  He really ISN'T his own being; despite having plans and the means to accomplish those plans, he really is just a machine, made to fulfill one goal, and if he can't fulfill that goal, he's basically nothing.  While that might be disappointing for those who wanted the Lich to be a fully realized character, since it falls in line with what I thought he was, I'm cool with it!  ...Still, the Lich IS genuinely creepy, despite not doing anything.  Given what we know about Pepperment Butler, the fact that he's freaked out by him should say a lot...  Hell, even Death himself is weirded out by him!  ...Say, since the Lich isn't his own being, and also frequently manages to cheat Death, what kind of power does he have over Death, anyway?  What time is it?  ADVENTURE-wait...  that clock guy says it's a different time then what his actual face reads!  I have to wonder if Finn even knows/remembers Prismo, considering that Jake's wish made it so that they never even fully introduced themselves to him.  Sure, Prismo and Jake remember what happened, but does Finn?  Probably not...  Also, does Finn even know where the Citadel is?  I mean, sure, it's cool to question if he should really search out his true father, but I think first knowing where he is is a good start before deciding to go see him...  I love how Finn doesn't even bat an eye at seeing the Cosmic Owl in person...  Like, the Cosmic Owl is built up as a big deal, but Finn doesn't seem to care!  Also, a Card Wars reference!  That's an actual game now, you know?  I was thinking about buying some cards...  but then again, I have enough things I'm spending money on...  Anyway, yeah, there was a scene in "The Lich", saying that Finn's dad was fighting bad guys inside the Citadel...  I have to wonder, just what Finn's dad is truly like, and why he's there in the first place...  Hmm...  you know, since all of Prismo's wishes end in misfortune, I have to wonder who Shelby's pony wish will backfire.  Anyway, apparently Primso doesn't have to power to get them into the Citadel (it feels like he makes these rules up on the fly), and says they need to commit a cosmic crime...  He suggests bringing an old man into Prismo's chamber...  Sounds really suspicious.  I like how he told them not to wake the old man up, and Jake just knocks on the door loudly calling to him, and Finn shushes him, and Jake just lowers his voice and continues to knock! XD  Hmm...  The old man's portfolio kind of looks similar to that of Prismo's...  I think I know where this is going.  If that wasn't enough, a shadow thing comes out of the old man that looks like an evil version of Prismo!  And it turns out that...  oh wait, this wasn't what I was thinking.  I was thinking Prismo was going to switch places with the old guy...  but the old guy IS Prismo!  Apparently, Prismo is the dream of this old guy...  I like how they're making a big deal about Prismo sacrificing himself, but ALL of them are overlooking the fact that the only thing keeping the Lich from trying to keep everything is being stuck with Prismo!  If they wake the old guy up, the Lich will run lose again!  ...Then again, maybe the Guardians will keep him locked up along with Finn and Jake.  Also...  are there multiple wishmasters or something?  Prismo refers to himself as A wishmaster, so I have to wonder if there are more out there...  Well, speak of the devil, as soon as the Lich realized there's a way to free himself, he immediately slaps Finn and Jake out the the way and wakes up the old man!  ...And then he proceeds to kill Old Man Prismo...  Yeesh, poor guy!  This is really bad...  Oh, but wait, since it was the Lich who woke up and killed Prismo, HE'S going to the Citadel, not Finn and Jake!  But wait, Finn and Jake can still hitch a ride!

Escape from the Citadel: First off, I'm willing to bet that tile card has nothing to do with the rest of the episode...  unless Starchy does somehow show up.  Anyway, continuing where we left off...  The Guardians don't seem to mind or care that Finn and Jake hitched a ride on The Lich...  Really, are they even awake?  I guess the Lich is securely in the Citadel, so hopefully he won't cause anymore harm.  ...Or will he?!  Also, that weird old guy with the weird outfit and bald head...  Jake said he looks just like Finn but...  does he?  Also, I'm willing to bet that what Finn said about people who made the world a worse place just by existing, I'm willing to bet that's going to be an ironic statement after Finn meets his dad...  though in the case of his dad, even if it turns out he DOES deserve to be at the Citadel, I highly doubt he'll be anything like the Lich, who's whole purpose for existing is to destroy all life.  Speaking of the Lich, who knew he had the power to melt through those crystals!  Seriously, it feels like he's powerful enough to break through just about anything...  which is weird considering he was trapped in mere tree amber before.  Just what is the extent of his powers?  Either way, Finn's dad melts out, and doesn't even care that Finn is his son, he just wants to get out of there.  Well would you look at that?  Turns out, Starchy on a train DID appear in this episode!  Somehow, I knew they'd work that into this episode...  Oh gosh, the way he's talking about how once the guardians are dead...  Yeah, definitely doesn't seem like a good guy, despite his peppy attitude.  Also, the fact that he said "you're old man needs ya" to a kid he didn't even care was his son a few seconds ago...  yeah, douchey dad here.  Hell, he even mispronounced his name!  Also, the fact that he insists on calling him "Martin" as opposed to "dad"...  Really, it's all so fishy.  Hey, who knows, maybe this guy really ISN'T Finn's dad, and they just found the wrong guy?  Either way, he doesn't seem to remember that he had a son...  Hell, the way fathers are in fiction, it could be that he banged up a woman then never bothered to see if they had a child.  So the Lich is free again...  and there goes what's left of Billy's body.  And Martin, like the father he is, ditches the kid he just found out was his son just like that.  Really, seeing the Lich's true skeletal forum like this...  like, it's even scarier then how he originally looked!  And the way the Lich talks, it's different then how he would normally talk...  it's usually very slow, almost quite, in a very creepy manner...  not to mention, considering that his only purpose is to destroy all life, him giving a brief monologue like this, it feels...  well, interesting is the best word I'd go with.  Really, despite not being a true being as I said, he definitely is a fascinating character, even if he is just a force of destruction.  I knew that white goop would be important since you could still see it when everything went black...  but I almost didn't expect this!  Finn slaps the Lich with it...  and it's starts forming flesh on his body!  How about that?  The creature who's only purpose it to destroy all life...  is bring granted life!  Painful, painful life!  Also, we don't see what his face looks like with flesh...  perhaps that's for the best.  And Martin tries to escape, again not caring one bit about his son.  Finn tries to keep him from leaving...  and that results in the grass sword completely absorbing his arm and becoming massive!  Like, dang!  And just like that...  Finn loses he brand new sword!  Dang it, Finn, you got to stop going through all these swords, you LITERALLY just got tha-OH SHIT, HE LOST HIS ARM, TOO!!!  All that foreshadowing with Finn getting a robotic arm turned out to be true!!!  Also, Martin apparently forgets that he needed to breath.  I'd say it serves him right, but...  Also, that white stuff landed on his arm, and instead of growing back, a flower blooms on it.  Will a new grass blade grow in it's place?  Kind of doubt it...  But then again, this show has a knack for proving me wrong!  Oh hey, Shelby's still there.  I'd like to think he's crying for Finn, but I feel like it's more likely that he's crying because of an incident with the pony he wished for his girlfriend.  Oh, and the Lich is now...  a baby?  A really big squishy baby!  ...How long with that last, I wonder...  Oh yeah, Starchy's still there.  Excellent!  They can go back home!  Wait...  was Tree Trunks about to suggest that she and Mr. Pig should get a divorce?  ...Also, baby Lich can talk?!  What a note to end on.

So...  whoa...  Lot of shit happened.  Glad I'm finally caught up with it all.  Watch me miss tomorrow's episode (or rather, tonight's episode).  Dang, man, that season premiere!

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