Monday, February 10, 2014

Adventure Time blogs: Red Throne

Since I finally sat down an watched an Adventure Time episode when it aired, as opposed to binge-watching it along with several other episodes, I ended up having a lot to say about it.  As such, I figured I could give a blog post about it for anyone who's interested.

Before I talk about the episode, though, I want to mention that I saw this promo for this "Hall of Games" that'll be going on next week, and when I watched it, it felt like I was watching the intro to Cartoon Network Fridays, or Cartoon City; seeing all those CN characters interacting with each other, it was all great fun, and I wish that Cartoon Network did this more...  but then again, they don't have many cartoons to do this with.  That's a shame.

Anyway, Red Throne...  Um...  Well that was certainly interesting.  Like, the most interesting part of it was something I honestly wasn't expecting to be interesting.  Hell, it almost feels like a bait-and-switch...

I'm, of course, talking about Cinnamon Bun.  I actually saw a Facebook comment on Adventure Time's own page, pointing out that Cinnamon Bun is acting strangely competent.  From the very beginning of this episode, I could tell that something was up, Cinnamon Bun was definitely acting differently from how I remember him.  Oh sure, he still had his absent-minded moments, but he definitely felt more competent, like he was aware of what he was doing.  He was also pretty straight-faced serious throughout most of the episode, especially when it came to Finn trying to move in on Flame Princess...  Though that might be because Cinnamon Bun reveals that he loves Flame Princess at the end.  ...Yeah, that happened.  Like, wow...  What's even weirder is that the episode never specifically addresses why Cinnamon Bun is suddenly this competent, but if you pay close attention, ESPECIALLY near the end, you'll put the pieces together and figure it out...

...Well, I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't explain how I put it together myself, so I'll just straight up tell you how I saw it.  See, I thought it was interesting how Cinnamon Bun would stay in the Flame Kingdom, considering he's all goopy and stuff, but even then, it didn't hit me until Cinnamon Bun got hit in the face with a fireball!  After that, Cinnamon Bun's eyes suddenly got bigger, he's no longer goopy, and he starts talking coherently and confidently.  This is because Cinnamon Bun is no longer half-baked!  Now he's fully baked, and thus, as smart as anyone else!  And with that, Cinnamon Bun becomes Flame Princess's champion, and everyone celebrates FP's return to power!  ...Except Finn, who can't believe that he got showed up by Cinnamon Bun.

Speaking of which, Finn trying to get back with Flame Princess is probably where the episode suffers the most...  for me, anyway.  It's just really awkward, and Flame Princess really isn't interested in getting back together with Finn, not after what he did.  It doesn't help that Finn's such a freaking idiot when it comes to love and relationships.  At first, I attributed this with him being young and naive or something, but now it's just painful to watch him trying to either get together with either Princess Bubblegum or Flame Princess.  Thankfully, that doesn't happen much in the episode, but on reflection, ESPECIALLY after Cinnamon Bun professes his love for Flame Princess, I have to wonder how things are going to go from here.  Flame Princess was introduced to the series as being Finn's love interest, and pretty much elevated to "main character" status because of that.  Now that she's no longer interested in Finn, and has someone else who loves her, I have to wonder where the series will go from here...  Will there be a love triangle?  Will Flame Princess learn to love again?  Romance stories almost never interest me, but in this case, I'm both intrigued and nervous at the same time...  Then again, that pretty much describes how I feel about Adventure Time as a whole, in that you can never tell where they're going to go with anything they do.  It's so unpredictable...  Hell, I would never in a hundred years they would predict they would be doing next week's episode, but that's for another time.

As for the rest of the episode, not sure what else to say.  Dom John, the Fire Lord, or whatever his name was, was kind of interesting, especially in his relationship with the Flame King.  Apparently, he first appeared in Wizard Battle (though I had to look that up to find that out).  I wanted to look up who voiced the guy, but I can't seem to find out who it is...  I think it's funny how both he and the Flame King have this sort of tough-guy relationship, beating each other up for the Hell of it.  Other then that, there's not much I have to say about it.  They both seem to be trapped together, I wonder if that will set up anything important...  Incidentally, I was kind of hoping the Flame King would do more, but oh well.  KIND of wait him to become a straight-up villain, since he's already a card-carrying villain the way he admits to being evil, but who knows.

I will also mention that the Flame Kingdom seems to be slowly moving away from being a kingdom filled with evil, as Flame Princess seems to be attending to the needs of her people.  It remains to be seen of the people will abuse her kindness, though...  this one guy came asking her to fix his microwave, I honestly don't think that's something to go to the ruler of a kingdom about.  We don't see how she reacts to it, since Don John comes in just as he comes in.  It's seen that FP's handmaiden was slowly poisoning her, so clearly, having a kind, strong ruler can't eliminate ALL the evil in the kingdom.  Makes me wonder how many others will betray her...  Actually, that's something I really liked about the episode; the Flame King, when trapped inside his glass prison again, proclaims that she is a weak ruler, and nowhere near as ruthless as he or any of the previous rulers, but Cinnamon Bun comes to her defense, saying that just because she's not evil that doesn't make her weak.  It's true, Flame Princess IS an incredible powerful being, and the fact that she's able to restrain herself, to me, shows that she's even stronger then other people who would just let lose their power and go nuts.

Well, I think that's the most I've ever said about an Adventure Time episode...  probably because I actually watched it individually, instead of watching episodes back-to-back...  Here's hoping I can keep this up with other new episodes!  Next week's episode is one I'm SUPER excited for!  And nervous...  ...Perhaps even nervous-cited?

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