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Twilight Sparkle vs. Dipper Pines - Character Comparison

Okay everyone, so here's the second edition the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Gravity Falls character comparison!  Once again, if you need a refresh course on what My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is, you can watch an episode and some clips here:


And go here to refresh on Gravity Falls topic on this forum:


So this time, we'll be talking about Twilight Sparkle and Dipper Pines!

Here's the overview:

Twilight Sparkle is the main, central character of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  She is a faithful student of Princess Celestia, who was sent to the town of Ponyville to learn lessons about friendship.  She is incredibly dedicated, studious, and once she learned to make friends, incredibly loyal to them, as well as Celestia.  She is also very organized, making lists for everything and making sure everything goes according to schedule.  She's also a very powerful magic-user, especially for a unicorn.  This combined with her vast knowledge from reading books in the library she lives in, makes her both a good leader and friend.

"Dipper" Pines (who's first name has yet to be revealed) is the main, central character of Gravity Falls.  He, along with his twin sister Mabel, was sent to his great-uncle Stan's home for the summer.  Contrasting Mabel's goofy, care-free personality, Dipper is a rational thinker, who takes himself very seriously.  In particular, he wants to prove he's old and/or mature enough to handle things, despite being 12-years-old.  His time at Gravity Falls has taught him many things about life, and he has matured quite a bit since arriving there.  In the first episode, he discovered a mysterious book labeled "3" with a 6-fingered hand on it, listing all sort of strange things that reside in Gravity Falls.  Using this book, he tackles any challenge that comes his way...  Also he likes making lists.  Lots of lists.

Like Pinkie Pie and Mabel, Twilight and Dipper have a lot in common.  Let's explore those similarities, shall we?

-Both of them are the primary focus of the series, even if not all the episodes focus on them directly.
-Initially, Dipper was hesitant to trust anyone with the knowledge of the #3 book, or with dealing with the dangerous oddities of Gravity Falls, before trusting in his sister by the end of the first episode.  Twilight didn't think she needed friends to do what needed to be done, before defeating Nightmare Moon with the help of her new friends.
-The both like making lists.  Particularly long lists.
-They are both very organized, and tend to start flipping out if things don't go according to plan.
-Twilight was assigned to write to Princess Celestia about various lessons about friendship while she stays in Ponyville.  While Dipper doesn't write letters or document what he's learned (save in the first episode), he has definitely learned many things, not just about the world but about himself, since his stay in Gravity Falls.
-Both Twilight and Dipper tend to be the no-nonsense members of the group, and are usually the ones to point out the illogicalness of a given situation.  This is ironic, given what Twilight is and where Dipper is staying.
-Twilight usually has the answer for certain situations, whether it be something she read in a book or just her general use of magic.  Thanks to the #3 book, Dipper basically has knowledge of all supernatural creatures and items that are in Gravity Falls, and thus typically has the solution to dealing with certain oddities (thought the reliability of the book can be questionable at times).
-Both have a sibling who's the opposite gender.
-Dipper is always trying to prove himself, as does Twilight.  Though in Twilight's case, her "proving herself" is typically limited to Princess Celestia, whereas Dipper, while he wants to convince others to take him seriously, seems more to struggle with proving himself TO himself, more then anyone else.
-Both of them have experienced time travel.

That should cover the similarities, now lets get to differences!  Aside from the fact that Twilight is a female purple unicorn and Dipper's a 12-year-old boy...

-Dipper has a keen power of observation.  Twilight, while she sticks to a schedule and is typically organized, tends to overlook quite a few details every now and then.  A running gag is her inability to find books in her own library, while her assistant, Spike, can.
-Dipper spends a lot of his type trying (and failing) to win over the affection of Wendy, who works at the Mystery Shack that his "Grunkle" Stan owns.  Twilight has shown no such interest in love...  until Equestria Girls, and in that case...  well, it's complicated, though needless to say, she doesn't spend much time trying to win over the guy she may or may not have a crush on.
-Dipper is typically portrayed as being wimpy.  Twilight, while not athletic, seems to have no such weakness.
-Twilight joins in the festivities of "Nightmare Night" (Equestria's version of Halloween) and dresses  up for the occasion.  Dipper was going to dress up for Summerween (which is like Halloween, only in the summer, only celebrated in Gravity Falls), but became self-conscious when he thought doing so made him look like a little kid.
-We've seen Twilight's parents multiple times in the series, whereas we've yet to see Dipper's parents fully.  By the same token, Dipper has a twin sibling, while Twilight has an older brother.
-Twilight has a hard time accepting things she can't understand.  Dipper, while he's very analytical, doesn't have much of hard time believing all the incredibly strange things that are in Gravity Falls.

Hrm...  Thinking up differences and similarities can be pretty hard...  good thing I have a pretty deep understanding of these shows...  at least I think I do...  Anyway, here are some tidbits for those interested.

-Dipper got his nickname because of his birthmark on his forehead, which is shaped like the Big Dipper.
-Lauren Faust originally intended to Twilight to be Princess Celestia's successor.  In a sense, that plan has come to pass with Twilight becoming a princess at the end of season 3.

If you have any more comparisons to add, feel free to comment them!  Oh, and tell me what you think of my comparisons, pleas!  If you like them, don't be afraid to share them with others who you think might be interested!

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